Friday, January 16, 2009

We're Halfway!

Yesterday marked 20 weeks in our we're halfway! As I mentioned in an earlier blog we had a sonogram while we were in the States with the doctor that is going to deliver our baby. We had decided to find out the sex of our baby as well. Luke had kind of wanted to be surprised but he knows how much I like to plan and agreed to finding out. The sonogram was amazing...our little one was moving all over. We saw the head, arms, legs, fingers, toes, heart, brain, umbilical cord...about the only thing we didn't see was something telling us if our baby is a boy or girl. Because of how the baby was positioned the only view we could get was of his/her butt cheeks and the little stinker had his/her legs crossed the entire time as well! I had been thinking that we were having a boy but now I think we may have a little stubborn girl...or a little girl that already knows she has her daddy wrapped around her finger and she figured keeping her sex a surprise was the least she could do for him! Since they do a sonogram at every appointment in Germany we could still find out the sex, but I've decided I can plan well enough without knowing and we think it'll be fun to be surprised the day our baby is born. Here are a few pictures we got from the sonogram.
CJ's armCJ's face


danielle said...

i want more belly shots posted!

Leeser said...

Our first was a surprise. It was really hard to wait but I'm glad we did. It was so exciting to hear the doctor say, "It's a girl!" I had been so convinced we were having a boy :).