Thursday, February 26, 2009


Over the past 3 weeks we've had more snow than I've ever seen living in Kansas! It has snowed nearly every day for the past 3 weeks and we had one day last week where we probably got 8 inches. Crazy! I think we got another 2-3 inches on Monday and again on Tuesday this week. They do a really good job of cleaning the streets here and a pretty good job of cleaning the sidewalks...especially considering all the snow! But with the sidewalks there ends up being a HUGE pile of snow (3-4 ft high in places) that lines the sidewalk and makes it really tricky if you need to cross the street or change sidewalks! Today I found out what they do to fix this problem...
Tractor shooting snow into the back of the truck.
The view from our apartment Tuesday morning.
The view from our apartment last Tuesday.

We also had our last doctor's appointment in Germany this week, which is a little hard to believe. Things continue to go well and I can't believe how much CJ is growing...and that CJ will continue to get bigger over the next 13 weeks! I'll try and update the belly shots tonight so you can see his/her progress. :) After all this snow we're really looking forward to getting back to Kansas in time for some nice spring weather and some spring thunderstorms (which they don't get here)!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Good friends & a quick update

Just a quick update...last week Luke had to travel to Atlanta, GA for work and I really wasn't looking forward to spending a week in Marktoberdorf, Germany by myself. Even though I've been here for almost a year now my German is definitely not conversational and I don't know many people (outside of our German class) in our small town. We've made some good friends in Munich, but it takes at least 1.5 hours to get not easy to do more than once or twice a week. But Luke had the great idea that I use a travel voucher we had gotten on one of our trips back to the States to visit one of my best friends in Colorado Springs. I had not seen her (or her baby, Kaiya) since our wedding. So Luke and I were able to fly to Washington DC together and then he went on to Atlanta and I flew to Colorado. I had a great time with the Pettus family and was really blessed to get to spend some time with a good friend!

Things continue to go well in my pregnancy...I've updated the "Belly Shots" slideshow on here and posted a picture here. CJ definitely continues to grow and I can't believe we're getting close to the 3rd trimester! The nursery is in the process of being painted (thanks mom & dad!!!) and we've gotten some of the furniture for the nursery. So once we get home it shouldn't take long to get everything in order for the arrival of CJ. Speaking of moving home...Luke's last day of work here will be March 31st. Our plan is to then fly home either April 1st or 2nd. Not too far away!