Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas in Rome

I realized today it's been a month since I've posted on our blog. Sometimes my lack of posting is because I don't feel like there's been anything "post worthy"...but that has not been the case this past month! A brief synopsis...Luke and I went to Rome for Christmas and then flew home to spend two weeks in Kansas. While in Kansas we were able to see the house we bought in Hesston, celebrate Christmas with both our families and get some quality time with our niece and nephew, whom we adore!! We also had an appointment with the doctor that is going to deliver our baby and another sonogram to find out the sex of our baby. Many of you know the result...but I'll make another post soon to let everyone else know what we found out! I'll try and post some pictures from our time in Kansas too...but back to Rome. Luke and I were in Rome from December 22-26 and loved every minute of it! We saw all the sites...the Forum, the Coliseum, the Vatican, St. Peter's Basilica to name a few highlights. We did a lot of walking and really enjoyed just walking through all the little neighborhoods throughout the central part of Rome. Another one of our favorites was the delicious Italian food we got to eat. I don't think the Olive Garden will ever be quite the same! ;-) I'm working on a slideshow of the pictures we took to post. Hopefully I'll get those up this evening!

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