Monday, March 17, 2008

Learning German!

So today I had one of my first opportunities to use some German I had just learned. I've decided to try and spend an hour each morning studying German. This morning I sat down to study and about 30 minutes into studying needed to go check the laundry to see if it was finished. Not remembering that our door automatically locks, I shut the door and walked downstairs to the basement to check the washing machine to see if our laundry was finished. It wasn't, so I headed back upstairs to finish studying only to realize I had shut the door and left my keys sitting on the kitchen counter. Literally, right before I went to check the laundry I learned the phrase, "Ich brauche die Schluessel." This phrase was written above a picture of a man standing outside of his locked door...translated means "I need keys." What are the chances! I had no idea I'd have the opportunity to put this phrase to practice so quickly!! Of course, in the moment of panic when I realized I had locked myself out of our apartment I did not remember the whole sentence but I at least remembered "schluessel" and our landlord just happened to be out cleaning the hallway so I could ask her for a "schluessel" to our apartment.
She graciously gave me a key and I was able to get back in to the apartment. When I started studying again the lesson was speaking the phrase, "Ich brauche die schluessel" (instead of pointing to the picture as I'd just done) and I had to laugh out loud. I don't think I'll forget that one! Or to either leave our door open or take my keys with me when I go downstairs to check the laundry!!


Greetings from Germany! We arrived in Marktoberdorf, Germany on March 14 and are anxious to get settled into life here. We were married March 1, took a honeymoon to the Smoky Mountains in North Carolina and then spent a few days at our parents opening wedding gifts and preparing to move across the pond. Luke has been living here for almost a year and I am excited to be joining him. We are looking forward to experiencing life in another country together, hopefully learning the language, and having the opportunity to travel around Europe. Hopefully this blog will allow us to keep in touch with friends and family at home and will be an easy way for you to find out what's going on in our lives and how we're doing!