Wednesday, July 13, 2011

These days...

are consumed with these beautiful faces...

BigSis...our little diva!
full of energy & imagination.
now potty-trained. hip hip hooray!
loves to cook up all sorts of goodies in her kitchen.
seems to be transitioning quite well into her role as BigSister...a natural (including bossing around her younger siblings) :)

BigBrother...our curious guy!
loves knocking down towers (if you're quick enough to get it built!)
gives great hugs...even to his sisters
will melt your heart with that grin and those dimples

BabySis...sweet, sweet baby!
loves to coo and grin
lights up whenever her BigSis or BigBrother are around
that sweet grin brightens my day when the days are long (and the toddlers are cranky) :)

We're continuing to adjust to life with 3 kids. I'm continuing to learn what it means to find my strength in the Lord and not myself. Learning more about these sweet kids' personalities everyday and praying we can parent them well.

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Hello! said...

Just found your blog!! Love it! I didn't know about all the changes in your life! When I saw you at library story-time, I thought you were babysitting! Wow - congratulations!!!!