Thursday, September 22, 2011

Highlights From Summer

I have done a horrible job of updating this blog so here are the highlights from our very hot summer! We spent a lot of time indoors, which really was just as well because this momma was not really up for the task of taking three kids under 3 out on her own!
 BabySis trying out BigSis's new bed that we used while potty training (which was a huge success!)
 Some sister bonding time
 BigSis trying on one of my birthday gifts...if only I could be as stylish as her!
 We did manage to get BigSis potty trained this summer. Hip hip hooray!!!

A trip to Grandpa & Grandma Call's "Little Farm" 
(affectionately named so by BigSis)
 BigSis & BigBrother LOVED the petting zoo put on by some of 
Grandpa & Grandma's friends

 BigSis riding on the donkey. I told BigSis to tell "him" thank you after her ride, she looked at me funny and then got down to eye level with the donkey and told him "thank you!" Not what I was thinking but I guess he is the one that had carried her on his back. :)
 BigBrother loved riding the donkey
 But I think he loved all of Grandpa's tractors even more!
 A proud Grandpa!

BigSis loved helping Grandma out in the kitchen

Visit to the Children's Garden at Botanica

 Reading a story with the Hungry Caterpillar

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