Thursday, December 4, 2008


The last few weeks we've had the pleasure of hosting some visitors. Luke's parents came to visit for a week at the beginning of November and a couple of days after they left my friend, Wendy, came for almost two weeks. We really enjoyed our time with each of them! Luke had to work while his parents were here so I had the honor of playing tour guide. We went to see the Neuschwanstein Castle and hiked up the mountain to get a view of the castle from a bridge, visited Dachau, did a little shopping in a nearby town, and drove to the Black Forest and visited Freiburg. Unfortunately I didn't take many pictures while they were here...not sure what I was thinking! But here's one of the Neuschwanstein castle in winter. It had snowed a little while Luke's parents were here and then we got about 5 inches the weekend after they left and it's still on the ground. I need to get geared up for a winter here!

Wendy and I had the chance to go to Prague for a couple of days while she was here. We also went to the BMW Museum, toured the Residence Castle in Munich, visited Dachau, made a Thanksgiving dinner with some friends, and did some shopping at a Christmas market. It was a lot of fun to have her here and I've enjoyed having people around to hang out with during the day! Wendy and I on the Charles Bridge (Prague Castle in background)
Astronomical ClockEntrance to Prague Castle (some of which was built in the 10th Century!)My favorite car at the BMW Museum...maybe not such a good family car though!

***Stay tuned for a baby update!!***

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