Friday, November 7, 2008

Our Baby's 1st Photo

As probably most of you have heard by now we are expecting a baby June 4th. We had our first OB appointment this week. We weren't really sure what to expect since it was here in Germany. I thought they might try and listen for the heartbeat with a doppler, but we were pleasantly surprised when they did a quick sonogram. So not only did we get to hear the heartbeat, but we got to see our little one as well! The head is on the left of the picture and is about half the body right now. You can see two little hands and one foot as well. On the sonogram we could also see the heart beating and the baby moving around some. Amazing!! The baby is only about 3 cm right just over an inch. Overall I've felt really well so far. I've definitely been more tired than normal, but I figure being tired is something I should probably get used to! We've decided to move back to the States sometime towards the end of March. Luke's contract here is up at the beginning of April so the timing works well with that and then we'll be home a couple of months before the baby should arrive...hopefully that will give us a little time to get settled. Right now the plan is that we'll be moving to Hesston, KS where Luke will continue to work for Agco. We've started house-shopping :-) and are looking forward to being back closer to family.


Mandy said...

congratulations! I am so excited that you guys will be back in KS! Hesston is a tad closer than Germany! :)

Matthew & Kate said...