Friday, January 14, 2011

Joyous Celebration!

Brece's cousin, Josiah, had a birthday in early December so she was well aware of what goes along with a birthday...presents and CAKE! She eagerly anticipated celebrating Jesus' birthday and getting to eat some cake to celebrate. We had a great time celebrating Christmas with both of our families and as our own little family of 3.
Christmas Eve at Grandpa & Grandma Radatz's with cousins, Adiella & Keziah
Michelle and I tried a snowflake and shaving cream craft with the girls. They weren't too thrilled about putting their hands in shaving cream. Brece kept saying "messy" and scrunching up her face. Oh well...we had fun trying
We had the pleasure of having a family from Indonesia for breakfast Christmas Eve day that we spent a few days with while we were visiting Caleb in Indonesia a couple years ago.
Brece checking out her new table and chairs. Playing with play-dough and coloring at this table are two of her favorite activities now...and then baking the play-dough cookies in her new kitchen that Grandpa Radatz made.
Daddy picked out and bought these sunglasses all on his own. Brece thought they were "stylin" and loves walking around with them on top of her head.
We met the Calls in Manhattan for a K-State basketball game and then celebrated Christmas on New Years
Brece checking out all the cool stuff Grandma Call made her, including an oven mit, apron, and potholders to use with her new kitchen and a new purse.
Josiah and Brece had fun helping everyone open their gifts. They were both gift-opening experts by the time it was all said and done!

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