Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Luke and I have really enjoyed getting settled back into life in Kansas. Thanks to lots of hard work from our families, all our stuff was moved and our walls were painted when we arrived home from Germany, so it's been pretty easy to get settled in to our new house in Hesston. We've really enjoyed being able to spend time with family in our first few weeks home. The first weekend home we were able to spend a Saturday with Luke's parents and brothers and then went to KC for Adie's dedication. Easter Sunday we tried a church in Hesston and then joined the Radatz's for an Easter lunch. Of course all the pictures have one particular little girl in them! :) Now we just need to see our nephew (and his parents too, of course)!
Adie before her dedication.
Adie on Easter Sunday (and CJ too!)
Adie playing with Uncle Brad

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