Monday, March 17, 2008

Learning German!

So today I had one of my first opportunities to use some German I had just learned. I've decided to try and spend an hour each morning studying German. This morning I sat down to study and about 30 minutes into studying needed to go check the laundry to see if it was finished. Not remembering that our door automatically locks, I shut the door and walked downstairs to the basement to check the washing machine to see if our laundry was finished. It wasn't, so I headed back upstairs to finish studying only to realize I had shut the door and left my keys sitting on the kitchen counter. Literally, right before I went to check the laundry I learned the phrase, "Ich brauche die Schluessel." This phrase was written above a picture of a man standing outside of his locked door...translated means "I need keys." What are the chances! I had no idea I'd have the opportunity to put this phrase to practice so quickly!! Of course, in the moment of panic when I realized I had locked myself out of our apartment I did not remember the whole sentence but I at least remembered "schluessel" and our landlord just happened to be out cleaning the hallway so I could ask her for a "schluessel" to our apartment.
She graciously gave me a key and I was able to get back in to the apartment. When I started studying again the lesson was speaking the phrase, "Ich brauche die schluessel" (instead of pointing to the picture as I'd just done) and I had to laugh out loud. I don't think I'll forget that one! Or to either leave our door open or take my keys with me when I go downstairs to check the laundry!!


David said...

Wow, what a blessing that your landlord was there! It is good at least that you did not leave them in the lock on the inside... you would have to get a locksmith to come and that is expensive. I would always take my keys with me, because your door could close after a gust of wind or your neighbors could close it, thinking you forgot to close it!

Mandy said...

I love that story! Hope you guys are doing well! Looking forward to seeing you in May!